I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be partnering with Skarbek Associates for the expedition. Their brand values are closely aligned to my own and the inspiration behind their name is certainly something I’ll be thinking about and drawing on during my trip. With huge thanks to Charlotte and the whole team at Skarbek.

Skarbek Associates is an international strategy implementation and advisory firm, with an exceptional track record of delivering business growth. We help clients grow and compete successfully by supporting the delivery of strategic initiatives. Our people bring global experience and fresh perspectives to turn strategy into reality, such as re-structuring a business, integrating an acquisition or merger, expanding into a new market, or developing and launching a range of new products. We can do this by dropping a highly skilled individual, or small team, into your organisation to support you. We can also advise you, or make a powerful difference to your team, by transferring some of our knowledge and skills through outstanding training and development. Our name and inspiration comes from Krystyna Skarbek, the Second World War secret agent, known for her unwavering commitment, creative resourcefulness and appetite to take on and succeed in even the most difficult missions.

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