A new partnership has been announced between E3 Endurance Coaching and Polar traveller Wendy Searle – who is aiming to break the world record for a solo journey to the South Pole.

Wendy will be working with Jon Fearne, head coach with E3 Endurance Coaching, to help her train and optimise her body for the women’s solo speed record.

The gruelling solo journey will see Wendy ski for up to 12 hours each day, pulling all her kit and equipment in a specialist sledge [pulk], which will weigh more than she does.

The effort is equivalent to running two marathons back to back, every day, and Wendy will need expert advice and a highly-specialised programme to help her achieve her goal. Training will include pulling tyres uphill before dawn, weight sessions in the gym, and endurance training which will leave Wendy in peak condition ahead of the start of the journey in November 2019.

The majority of the weight in the pulk will be food rations, which amount to around 1kg per day, and around 6,000 calories. Wendy will burn up to 10,000 calories each day and will face challenges of temperatures down to -30, katabatic winds and whiteout conditions en route to the South Pole.

Jon said:

“Wendy has good ‘functional’ fitness but this is a whole new level. She will need to train relentlessly to ensure the journey is even possible. We have a carefully-tailored programme which will work on core strength, leg strength and endurance.”

E3 Endurance Coaching is launching a new programme of expedition preparation, to build on its current suite of cycling, running and swimming coaching.

More details on Wendy’s journey are at www.southpole2020.com

To contact Jon, visit www.e3coach.com

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